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What Is CBCT Scanning?

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a type of radiology that uses a cone-shaped beam to create 3D images of the body. In the field of orthodontics, CBCT scanners are used to make thorough images of the teeth, jaws, and face to diagnose and treat orthodontic conditions.

Benefits of CBCT Scanning

Cone Beam Scanning offers many benefits, including:

  • Improved diagnostic accuracy. CBCT scanners offer detailed, clear images of the shape of the face and jaw, showing where the teeth are located and what orthodontic problems are present.
  • Creates 3 Dimensional images. 3D images make it easier to visualize the current state of the mouth and teeth.
  • Minimal radiation exposure. CBCT scanning creates digital images, which significantly reduces the amount of radiation exposure when compared to traditional film X-Rays.
  • Digital images are easy to manipulate. The 3D images created by the CBCT scanner can be moved, rotated, flipped, and otherwise manipulated on the computer screen to create a treatment plan and visualize how the teeth will move from their current position to the final result.

Why Choose The Brace Place?

At The Brace Place we believe that technology is a valuable tool that allows us to provide an advanced level of orthodontic care for our patients, which is why we have incorporated CBCT technology into our practice. Our practice is equipped with the latest technology in every possible way, providing a modern approach to orthodontics.

Dr. Goldknopf is a board certified orthodontist who has earned some of the highest qualifications in the field. We strive to form positive relationships with our patients and their families as we provide ongoing orthodontic support throughout childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood in many cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a CBCT scan show?

In an image from a CBCT scan you can see bones, nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues. This is all useful information when it comes to planning any kind of medical treatment, in this case, orthodontics.

Are there any disadvantages of CBCT Scanning?

Even though CBCT scanning uses slightly higher radiation than a 2D digital X-Ray it creates the two required orthodontic x-rays with only one scan. However it still uses less radiation than traditional film X-Rays and traditional CT scans. Dr. Goldknopf always takes the minimum amount of scans necessary during treatment to minimize radiation exposure.

How long does it take to get a CBCT scan?

The actual scan takes only a few seconds.

What can I expect when I have a CBCT scan?

You’ll sit on a seat in the center of the scanner. A lead apron will be placed over you to protect the rest of your body from radiation. You’ll be instructed to sit still for less than a minute while the machinery circles around your head. Then the process is complete and the doctor can view your images.

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