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What Is Surgical Orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics, also called orthognathic surgery, is the process of reshaping the jaw and facial structure through surgical means. Surgery is sometimes needed when braces and other orthodontic treatments are not effective enough on their own. Orthodontic treatment can only move the teeth and reshape the jaw to some extent; some patients will need surgical intervention. We work closely with an oral surgeon to provide pre and post surgical treatment for optimal success.

Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics offers many benefits:

Correct bite misalignment. When the upper and lower jaws don’t meet together properly, it can cause a variety of problems from ineffective chewing to headaches, jaw pain, and tooth damage. Orthognathic surgery can reshape and reposition the jaws so that they meet together in proper alignment.
Improve facial appearance. Surgical orthodontics changes the shape of your jaw and the lower part of your face, which can often improve your appearance.
Lasting results. The results of orthognathic surgery will last for the rest of your life because the bones have been restructured and have healed in their new and improved shape.
Effective combination. It is important to begin orthodontic treatment in preparation for surgery, and to continue orthodontic treatment after surgery. This combination provides the best results for properly aligned teeth and bite.

Are You a Good Candidate for Surgical Orthodontics?

Your orthodontist may recommend surgical orthodontics if the shape or position of your jaw is causing severe bite misalignment. If you’ve had braces or other orthodontic treatment and your bite pattern is not effectively corrected or the results are not able to be maintained with retainers, you may benefit from orthognathic surgery. An evaluation by your orthodontist and oral surgeon will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for surgical orthodontics.

Why Choose The Brace Place?

Working with an oral surgeon takes experience. For a successful outcome, you need an orthodontist who can provide the necessary pre and post operative treatment that will help you achieve the desired results. Dr. Goldknopf is a highly qualified board certified orthodontist who has years of experience working with oral surgeons to create treatment plans for patients who need surgery as part of their orthodontic treatment. We have been a part of many success stories for patients who now enjoy better dental and orthodontic health and will for the rest of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does surgical orthodontics require having my jaws wired shut?

It used to be a common practice to have your jaws wired shut after surgery. But advancements in technology have made it possible to secure the jaws with plates and screws, which make it possible for patients to open and close their mouth while healing.

What can I eat after orthognathic surgery?

You may need to start with a liquid diet for the first few days following surgery, and then follow a no-chew diet for next 4-6 weeks. This means eating only soft foods that don’t require much chewing. Scrambled eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, soft pasta, vegetables cooked until soft, and pureed fruits are all good options.

Who will perform my surgery?

We work with various oral surgeons who perform orthognathic surgery. We can recommend someone or work with someone of your choosing.

Will I need braces before and after my surgery?

In most cases braces are worn before surgery to align the teeth as much as possible. After the surgery you will need to wear braces for at least a few more months to complete your treatment.

Does insurance cover surgical orthodontics?

Some insurance plans do cover surgical orthodontics. It may be covered by your dental or your medical insurance depending on the situation. Contact both of your insurance providers or refer to your benefits guides for specific information about coverage for orthognathic surgery.

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