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By The Brace Place Orthodontics
March 05, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Dividing orthodontic treatment into two phases offers important smile benefits for some children. Here at the Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra, FL, offices of your orthodontist, Dr. Josh Goldknopf, we can help you evaluate orthodontic options and decide on an approach that's right for your child.

What happens during two-phased treatment?

The first phase of treatment involves wearing braces or orthodontic appliances, depending on the orthodontic issues. Your child's teeth won't be in their final positions after this stage, but improvements will be made that set the stage for the second phase.

A resting phase between the two phases will allow time for all the permanent teeth to erupt. During this phase, your child's orthodontist may recommend removing a few baby teeth in order to allow plenty of room for permanent teeth.

During the second phase of orthodontic treatment, your child wears braces and other orthodontic appliances to improve the alignment of their teeth. Second-phase treatment is aimed at ensuring optimal function, appearance, and bite.

When is the two-phase treatment needed?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an initial orthodontic checkup no later than age 7, long before all of the permanent teeth are present. During this evaluation at either our Jacksonville Beach or Ponte Vedra office, your child's orthodontist makes sure that your son or daughter's jaw is developing normally and will be large enough to accommodate all of their permanent teeth.

Bite problems, a narrow palate, or spacing issues can also be identified. Your child's orthodontist may also notice problems that might not seem to be connected to the teeth or jaw at first glance, such as mouth breathing or speaking difficulties. It's much easier to correct these issues when your child's jaw is still developing.

Not all children require two-phase treatment, but it may be recommended if your child has any of these issues. Beginning the first part of treatment at this point improves the success of orthodontic treatment, helps your child avoid jaw surgery in the future, and ensures that there will be plenty of room in the jaw for permanent teeth.

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By The Brace Place Orthodontics
October 16, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out if your child could benefit from this two-step process of teeth straightening.

As your child’s teeth start to come in, you may notice that they are a bit crooked, twisted or gapping. In addition to being a cosmetic Childconcern, these kinds of oral issues can affect a child’s ability to speak, chew, or bite. These are issues that our orthodontist, Dr. Josh Goldknopf, wants to avoid at all costs. Read on to learn about the two-phase orthodontic treatment plan available from The Brace Place's Jacksonville Beach office, and how it can benefit your child’s smile as they grow!


What is the two-phase treatment?

Once our orthodontist examines your child’s smile and takes x-rays of their teeth, we can better determine whether they are a likely candidate for two-phase treatment. The purpose of this type of orthodontic therapy is to improve your child’s smile early on to make it a more ideal environment for the permanent teeth to develop in.


What happens during the first phase of treatment?

The goal of this first phase is to both prevent issues from occurring in the first place and to stop issues from getting worse through early discovery and prompt orthodontic treatment. After an x-ray screening is taken of your child’s developing teeth and a thorough physical exam has been performed, our orthodontist can determine which tooth, gum, or jawbone problems could arise if they don’t receive preventive orthodontic treatment. Our dentist will choose the appropriate time to place braces on your child’s teeth to correct common bad bites including overbites, underbites, and open bites.


What happens during the second phase?

Once the first part of the treatment has occurred, our orthodontist will continue to monitor your child’s smile as permanent teeth erupt. The benefit of two-phase treatment is that we can often treat dental problems while your child’s teeth are still developing and growing, which could prevent the need for surgery or more invasive procedures later in life.

When it comes to the second phase of treatment, the goal is to make sure that your teeth/jaws work properly and work together to make chewing, biting, and speaking natural and comfortable.


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Early detection and intervention can be beneficial to many children dealing with misaligned smiles. If you are noticing that your child’s teeth are growing in a crooked fashion, then it’s time to consult with an orthodontist. Call The Brace Place Orthodontics in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra, FL, today by dialing (904) 249-0037.