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By The Brace Place Orthodontics
January 10, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

How Orthodontic Treatment from The Brace Place Can Improve Your Smile!

The American Association of Orthodontics estimates that over four million children and adults receive orthodontic treatment every year in the United States. With a variety of options available depending on your orthodontic needs and lifestyle, Dr. Josh Goldknopf, your orthodontist in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Verde, FL, is here to improve your smile!

Orthodontics From our Offies in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra, FL

Metallic braces are one of the most common and effective tools to treat bite and alignment issues. Ceramic braces work using a similar methodology to metallic braces, but they are made from a tooth-colored material so as to be a more discreet option. Here are some of the benefits and differences for each option:

Metallic and Ceramic Braces

Metallic and ceramic braces' systems both consist of small brackets being placed on your smile, with each tooth being connected by a wire. Through gentle force and pressure, the teeth are gradually shifted into perfect alignment. Metal braces are typically more affordable, with the appliances also tending to be more durable due to their stainless steel construction. Although modern braces are generally smaller and more compact than in the past, they are still the most conspicuous option.

Ceramic braces do the same thing as metal braces, but the brackets are clear and blend in with the teeth, making them less noticeable than traditional metallic braces. Ceramic braces are also an effective and proven treatment method for common orthodontic problems, but the brackets may not be as durable as metal.

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