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Would Clear Aligners Work For Your Smile?
By The Brace Place Orthodontics
November 23, 2021
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Braces are a classic option for straightening your smile, but if you are looking for a more discreet choice, clear aligners may work for you.

Inconspicuous, efficient, comfortable, and effective, clear aligners from the Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Verda, FL, office of Dr. Josh Goldknopf can help you achieve your best smile.

What are aligners?

Aligners, made of clear, flexible plastic, are custom made to fit over your teeth to provide gentle straightening over a period of time. After taking a mold of your teeth, the aligners are crafted and given to you in incremental sets. You will wear each for a few weeks at a time before graduating to the next set.

What are the benefits of aligners?

You may find aligners to be more comfortable than braces, as there are no brackets that could irritate your gums. In addition, because each aligner concentrates on only a few teeth at a time, there is less pressure put on your mouth.

Braces do come in less noticeable options, but clear aligners are the most discreet choice for straightening your teeth. Because they are translucent and molded to fit snuggly over your teeth, no one will be able to tell you are wearing them.

Clear aligners from our Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Verda, FL, offices are easy to care for, and you only need to keep them around for a few weeks before discarding them. You can brush and floss like normal after removing them, and give the aligners a good rinse to keep them clean.

Like braces, aligners take some time to reach full results, but aligners can even out your smile in as little as a year if they are worn as instructed for 22 hours a day.

Clear aligners from the Jacksonville Beach, and Ponte Verda, FL, offices of Dr. Goldknopf could be your path to a great smile. Call us today at (904) 249-0037 for a consultation.