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Wearing Your Retainer
By The Brace Place Orthodontics
August 19, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Wearing Your Retainer

Retainers are customized orthodontic devices designed to keep teeth in place after they have been realigned using braces or Invisalign. Dr. Josh Goldknopf is a dentist at The Brace Place Orthodontics. He has offices in Jacksonville Beach, FL and Ponte Vedra, FL where he can give you advice about braces and retainers.

Types of Retainers

Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra residents may be prescribed one of three types of retainers.

  • Bonded retainer: This type of retainer is attached directly to your teeth. It is used to keep your newly aligned teeth in place for the first few months after your braces are removed. You will wear this retainer throughout the day and all night.
  • Hawley retainer: Also known as a wire retainer, this is a removable retainer. It can be removed when you eat or clean your teeth. Dr. Goldknopf will instruct you how often to wear this retainer.
  • Clear flexible retainer: Also called a molded retainer, this type is customized to fit the new alignment of your teeth. Dr. Goldknopf will instruct you how often to wear this retainer.

Typically, removable retainers are worn daily for the first six to nine months after your braces are removed. Once Dr. Goldknopf is satisfied that the time is right, you can move to wear your retainer only at night while you sleep.

If you stop wearing your retainer, over time, your teeth will begin to move back into their original places and all your patience and hard work will have been for nothing. This is why it is very important to follow Dr. Goldknopf’s instructions.

If you would like to find out more about orthodontic treatments, call Dr. Goldknopf at his Jacksonville Beach or Ponte Vedra office at (904) 249-0037. He will be happy to answer all your questions about your retainer.