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It's Not Too Late To Straighten Your Smile
By The Brace Place Orthodontics
September 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: braces   Invisalign   Adult Braces  

Adult BracesDentists suggest that young children have their teeth checked for orthodontic problems as early as seven years old so that they can be considered for braces. But some people reach adulthood and still haven’t had a chance to straighten out their smile. No matter what age you may be, it is not too late to consider options for improving the alignment of your smile. Go to a consultation with an orthodontist at The Brace Place Orthodontics in Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach, FL, to learn about braces for adults.

Orthodontic Treatment
The goal of orthodontics is to straighten your teeth, update bite irregularities, and fix the overall appearance of your smile. It is often done in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, such as dental bonding or crowns. Orthodontic devices treat the following common dental irregularities:

  • Tooth crowding.
  • Gaps between the front teeth.
  • Overbites and underbites.
  • Single teeth that look like they are turned or protruding out of place.

Ways to Straighten Your Smile
Your Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach, FL, dentist will likely present you with several different options for having your smile straightened. The first option is standard metal or ceramic bracket braces, which are permanently applied to the front of each tooth. The next option is lingual braces which are attached behind the teeth to make it less obvious that you are wearing braces. The next option, which is often preferred by adult patients, is called invisible braces or Invisalign. With invisible braces for adults, no brackets are required—only clear plastic trays that slowly adjust the teeth.

Benefits of a Straighter Smile
Many people believe that one of the most important elements of a beautiful smile is to have teeth that are straight and symmetrical. If you are not happy with the way your smile looks, it could be greatly improved by simply re-positioning the teeth. Another benefit of having a straighter smile is that it could make it easier to chew your food. Some patients can't bite down correctly until they have orthodontic treatment. When the teeth are straighter, they are also easier to clean and floss.

Take Care of Your Smile
An important part of taking care of your smile is making sure that it looks its best. Contact The Brace Place Orthodontics in Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach, FL, if you're interested in getting braces for adults. Call (904) 222-8588 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Josh Goldknopf.