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Caring for You Smile with Braces
By The Brace Place Orthodontics
August 21, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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The way that you care for your smile says a lot about how much your prioritize your dental health. But some tooth-related issues are out ofmetal bracket braces your control, like teeth that grow in crooked, crowding each other, or protruding forward. Misaligned teeth are mostly caused by heredity, but they can be readjusted with a customized orthodontic treatment. Allow an orthodontist at The Brace Place in Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach, FL, to help you care for your smile with braces.

Types of Braces
Braces are the go-to solution when your teeth are out of place. Some people assume that the only solution is the classic metal brackets and wires that are common in orthodontic treatments for children. But there may be more than one way to get your teeth into a better position. Some patients, namely older teenagers and adults with healthy teeth, may be candidates for clear aligners (removable trays). Another option if you are concerned about appearance is lingual braces, which are hidden behind the teeth.

Braces and Your Smile
Braces do more than just give you a more visually appealing smile. They correct the way that your teeth and jaw function. In addition to shifting the teeth horizontally, braces also change the position of the jaw so that the teeth meet together more comfortably when you bite down. Additionally, braces can make it easier for you and your Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach orthodontist to properly clean your teeth and keep them free from plaque. This is particularly true when you have crowded teeth.

Discussing Orthodontics with Your Dentist
In order to decide which orthodontic method will work best for your case, you must talk to your dentist and ask plenty of questions about what the treatments will entail. Lifestyle factors will play a role—for instance, if you are a very busy person who must meet with others in professional or social environments often, you may want to opt for invisible aligners or lingual braces. If you have more serious orthodontic issues, you may have to get metal or ceramic braces.

Call for Braces
If you think that braces will help your smile, talk to an orthodontist at The Brace Place in Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach, FL, about the option that will work best for you. Call (904) 222-8588 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Josh Goldknopf.